**All information and descriptions are subject to daily updates and changes; information represented on the ESVR website and other partner sites. To assure website information accuracy call our Reservations Office at 410-770-9093 or e-mail us at info@esvacations.com

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations or reservation changes (including changing dates or switching homes) must be made in writing. The guest is responsible for verifying that ESVR has received their cancellation letter. We cannot refund any advance payment for a canceled reservation unless the home is re-rented for the entire period and prepayment has cleared. We make every effort to rebook your home; however, if the home is not rebooked, you forfeit all monies paid. Once your reservation is confirmed (i.e. money deposited in the owner’s account), any cancellation, changes of dates, or switching of homes will invoke the cancellation policy. If a cancellation is successfully re-rented, all the rent and taxes will be refunded, less a $100 cancellation fee. We urge you to consider Travel Protection Insurance to avoid some of the risks associated with the necessity of cancellations. Last Minute Bookings and Cancellation:  Our pleasure to accommodate your last minute reservation, however, please note that any cancellations made within 48 hours of arrival are subject to the cancellation fee of $100 as well as charges for cleaning, linens, and other costs associated with readying the home for your arrival.  These charges vary per property.

Arrival Time & Pick Up Time

In the summer season, ESVR weekly vacation homes have three check-in days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Your home’s website page and your confirmation will specify the check-in day that applies to your house. Access to your home is 4:00 pm or later on the day of check-in. With the size and complexity of our homes, our housekeepers need every minute to ensure that your vacation home is clean. Please do not interfere with their work or pressure our staff to allow you entry before 4 pm. It’s a large job, and we all do our best to get you into a clean and inviting home. For security reasons, DO NOT ENTER THE HOME OR USE THE POOL OR HOT TUB UNTIL AFTER 3 PM.

Maximum Occupancy/Overcrowding

Unless otherwise noted in the property description, ESVR follows the Talbot County Health Department regulations which assume occupancy of no greater than two persons per bedroom. Homes in Dorchester County have larger occupancy limits, however, in no instance should occupancy exceed the bedding accommodations provided with the home and the posted occupancy maximum. Overcrowding is a serious situation and is grounds for immediate eviction. Please also note that maximum occupancy limits apply to the home at all times, parties or gatherings are not permitted. Please do not jeopardize your family and friends’ vacation by overcrowding. Upon signing your lease agreement, you will be asked to complete an occupancy list. It is the responsibility of the guest to update this if there are changes.


A rent deposit is due upon making a reservation. Upon making your deposit, your confirmation will itemize the schedule of future deposits and the balance is due in full no later than 30 days prior to the arrival date. If a deposit or any portion of the deposit is not received by the due date, the property may be released for general lease. Payments for advance deposits can be made by credit card, check, money order, or certified check. For reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date, payment must be made in full by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Personal checks are not accepted within 30 days of the arrival date. Please remember to put your reservation number on your check or money order. If any deposit or portion of the deposit is not received by the specified due date, your reservation may be canceled and the property released for general sale. A $30 bank charge will be assessed for all returned checks. A confirmation lease agreement will be e-mailed to you unless otherwise requested. Please read the lease carefully, sign, and return it along with the other appropriate paperwork within 5 days of receipt. Many of you will vacation with other family members or friends, but only one person signs the lease. We hold the leaseholder responsible for payment and all of the responsibilities spelled out in the lease.

Family Groups Only

All of our vacation homes are privately owned; therefore, occupants are limited to family groups only. NO SORORITIES, FRATERNITIES, WEDDING RECEPTIONS, SPRING BREAK PARTIES, RING DANCE GROUPS, or other such groups. You must be 24 years of age or older to obtain a rental agreement on a property and anyone under the age of 24 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be evicted immediately without a refund.

Bringing Your Best Friend

There is no need to leave Rover in a cramped kennel while you are enjoying the Eastern Shore. There are many homes that welcome your dog to vacation with you. In most homes, pets are limited to two domestic, housebroken dogs. Let us know when making your reservation if your furry friend is coming along. Please abide by the pet rules, which will be in your arrival key packet. Pets in non-pet homes are strictly forbidden and will result in eviction. Pets in pet homes must be registered on your lease agreement and paid for prior to your arrival. Please refer to your lease agreement for more detailed rules regarding dogs in ESVR homes.


Most of our waterfront properties have private docks. Please do not assume that because the home has a dock that the water depth or accommodations will be suitable for your boat. If you are planning to bring a boat or rent one, and boating is an important part of your vacation, please contact us in advance so we can assist you to be sure you have chosen the right property. We rely on the owners for information about dock amenities such as water and power, mooring locations, and MLW, we cannot guarantee accuracy. Swimming and/or diving off of docks is not permitted.

The owner’s boat may be docked at the pier but is not available for the guest’s use. Please do not disturb or board the boat. Boat lifts are not available to guests.

Boat Trailers

Parking of boat trailers may be prohibited in some neighborhoods/properties. Check with your guest services representative. Be sure to check with us prior to arrival if you are trailering a boat, we can provide direct check-in so you can avoid bringing the boat through the historic district.


Mean Low Water (MLW) is determined by measuring, in feet, the average water depth at the dock at low tide. We rely upon the owner for this information and several factors could affect the MLW listing. This information is approximate and is not deemed to be a true source of accuracy. We generally consider a home suitable for boating if the MLW is 3 feet or greater, however, please check with us in advance if your boat needs certain accommodations.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

We encourage our homeowners to have swimming pools open from May 15-October 15. Very few of our pools are heated and those that are will require an additional charge per day for heat. Please do not assume that because the pool is open the water will be swimmable. Temperatures in the shoulder season can vary greatly from year to year and we ask our homeowners to open the pools during this time frame for ambiance as well as use if we happen to experience a warm spell. Typically pools are swimmable during the summer season.

Hot tubs may or may not be open year-round. Please refer to the property page to see if the home you have rented has a year-round hot tub. Some are connected to the pool opening and closing schedule, and some owners choose to close their hot tubs during the winter. If having an operational hot tub is an important part of your vacation, please check with us in advance.

For week-long reservations, a hot tub technician will stop by the home to check the hot tub and make any necessary adjustments. Private pools are cleaned and tested weekly to provide optimum water quality. If there are any problems with the hot tub and/or swimming pool including any mechanical, electrical, or chemical problem, please call us immediately before entering the hot tub and/or swimming pool.

Things to Know About the Bay/Area Rivers

Please note that swimming in the area rivers is a very different experience than a lake or ocean. The bottom may be muddy or murky, the depth will vary with the tide, there could be shells from crabs or oysters as well as other debris, and in summer, particularly late summer, we do get sea nettles and they do sting. While swimming in the river is permissible, if swimming is an important part of your vacation, we encourage you to consider a home with a pool and enjoy the water from a boat or kayak. You will also want to keep these factors in mind if you are planning to participate in recreational activities on the water.

Grills & Crab Steamers

ESVR properties provide a charcoal or gas grill for our guests to use while occupying the home for their vacation week (see listing for each property to see which is provided). Propane is provided for gas grills, charcoal is the responsibility of the guest. Guests are also responsible for cleaning and removing the remnants from around and on the grill after usage. Grills are not permitted to be moved or placed on the wooden decks of the house due to the hazard of fire. These rules also apply to large propane deep fryers or crab steamers. The heat and grease can cause extensive damage to screens, wood & siding on the home as a result of being placed or left too close and of course, also present a fire hazard. Grills and steamers should only be used on concrete surfaces away from the house for safety’s sake.

Grills are not guaranteed from after Thanksgiving to Easter.


Many of our homes have fireplaces—some are functional, some are not due to the historic nature of the home. If there is a fireplace pictured, please do not assume that it is operational as this may not be the case. If having a fireplace is an important part of your vacation, please check with us in advance. Firewood is not provided.

Outdoor fires are not permitted unless there is a designated fire pit or fire area for this. Firewood is not provided for firepits. Please be sure to check in the summer months if there is a burn ban in effect during your stay.